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Manjakkattil Kudumbayogam

We – The Manjakkattil Kudumbayogam – Manjakkattil family is a blessed, aristocratic, estimable group, who has a great tradition. It’s forefather was christainaised by the St. Thomas in AD 59 at Palayur, as belief transferred from generation to generations. The ethos and etiquettes we are following, are clear indication to the origin.

Now there are 7 tawazhis and 20 branches of this august Manjakkattil family. 1003 family units have reported so far, as our proud members.

We must find out our past and heridictory. Knowing the past will strengthen the present and enable us to dream better tomorrow. An assembly with physical presents of all members, is practically impossible. Hence, we are lauching this website to share, to exchange, to contribute, to love or just to identify our own blood.

We have to reach out to all our members, to assist them in their needs, to share in their joys and sorrows, and to help them experience of love and brotherhood, so that our members realize that our Manjakkattil Kudumbayogam is an extenstion of their own home and they are all essential part of it.

In order to help the needy, we have initiated Manjakkattil Charitable Fund. Awards are introduced to encourage our own children who are coming with flying colours.
The Manjakkattil Kudumbayogam is formed on April 1999 and registered under Act 21 of 1860 No.(502/2002) Manjakkattil Digest is our publication to exchange our views.

Let us invite you to the Manjakkattil Kudumba Charithram published in (2001) and herculiar task to arrange all our 1003 families as per 7 thazhavasis and 20 beanches. Thanks to K.M.Mathew Kattikkanayil, who has taken great effort to compile it.

Dear brothers and sisters,
Here is Manjakkattil Kudumbayogam. As our founder Chief Patron and the first Bishop from our family, (Late) Dr. Sebastian Velloppally proudly remark “I am a member of Manjakkattil Kudumbayagam and I am proud of it”

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